New: Chore Chart

Posted July 6, 2021

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Today, the “Chore Chart” was officially launched for all users, so you can now provide a list of chores or tasks that your kiddos can do to earn points – and, they’ll know how many points they’re working for!

Similar in nature to the “Rewards List”, the chore chart can be set up very quickly by enabling it in your settings, choosing a name, and adding tasks to the list.

Make sure you print it out and hang it somewhere your kids can easily see it and work to earn their points!

Quick Start Guide

1 – Enable the “Chore Chart” feature in your Settings. Here, you’ll also be able to choose the name for your chore chart page.

2 – Navigate to the chore chart page. With the feature enabled, you’ll be able to head to the page to add tasks to the list.

3 – Add tasks to your list. Make sure to include the number of points that can be earned!

Bonus tip – Make sure to print out your list and hang it somewhere the kids can see it, like on the fridge!