A fun & effective allowance alternative.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help parents teach their kids how to earn and save money in a fun way that can be accessed online from anywhere!

How Do PlutoPoints Work?


Add One or More Children

Once you've created an account, add each of your children to begin awarding them points for their chores, activities, or good behavior.


Add Activities

Whether you need to award points or take them away, add an activity and choose the number of points to add (or subtract). These will automatically be tallied and totalled for you!


Reward Your Children!

Create a printable Reward List so your children can use their points for toys, cash, or experiences. What you offer is entirely up to you!

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The Roadmap

We're just getting started. Now that the foundation has been built, there are some great new features that we'll be adding in the months ahead! Here are just a few features to watch out for...
  • Interest on Saved Points
  • Kid-friendly Investing
  • Point Earnings Analytics
  • Access for Grandparents and Relatives
  • Saved Lists of Ways to Earn Points